Day 25: Big Bear City, CA to San Diego, CA

Monday 10/3

It was cold enough of a morning that Simon was getting the cover put on his backpack. As a “cup half empty” kind of guy, he was focused on the lack of view when he should have been appreciating the lack of freezing.

I had become quite proficient at taking one-handed shots in the turns. What a shame to waste this almost useless skill.

Anybody want to guess what Wayne’s eating for breakfast? If your answer had “gas station” or “bear claw” in it, your left hand is waiting for your right hand to give it a high five!

Wayne just crossed the San Diego county line — did he feel a tingle?

The one constant view for the past 25 days. It’s as cluttered as my desk.

The traditional snack stop under the traditional shade tree at Dudley’s Bakery.

The offer of a CHP escort the rest of the way home was nice, but we passed on it when we found out he couldn’t play the theme from Chariots of Fire over his speaker. What’s the point?

This may look like the universal sign of defeat, but I am actually offering myself to Mother Earth in thanks to her kindness of postponing the snowstorm that was at that moment dumping 20 inches of snow at Mammoth. Simon wanted to add his two cents.

Thanks to everyone who has gone before us and posted their stories so we could properly prepare and make it through this trip. If you’re thinking about dualsporting with your dog and need advice, drop me a line. Not sure I have great advice, but I have advice. If you want to read about our prep work (including more details about the backpack), go to

Next on tap: The Continental Divide (with Simon if he’s not too old and infirmed by then…).


Day 25 overview: 218 miles

  1. Zena I have really enjoyed all this detail and living vicariously through you. I shared this link with a few Jack Russell owners and they are all in awe of Simon and his human team.

  2. I am impressed with Simon’s consistent behavior throughout the trip – in every single photo which food and dog are present, Simon has his lazer beams fixed on fork, plate or hand. Excellent guarding, little man!

    • piratemonkeycult
    • December 21st, 2011

    I really wonder how many dogs would’ve endured the stress of 25 days in a bounce house. I gotta hand it to the Little Sh!t, he brought his A game.

  3. Hard getting a message to you through your old E-addresses, even through DualsportSD which has not confirmed me yet so I can view/ answer your response to my friend request. I was just wanted you to know that whatever, Im always here to help. George

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