Day 21: Auburn, CA to Lake Tahoe, CA

Thursday 9/29

Proof that I am easily fascinated:

This is what a Denny’s breakfast looks like when you take it to-go. I have never seen a two-story take-out tray before. I think if I could do this life over again, I’d become a packaging engineer — paid to create puzzles!

Today’s goal was Lake Tahoe via pavement. There would be no making of the dust, and there would be no sucking of the dust.

Our first gas stop was in Georgetown, where I learned about red dye diesel.

Those of you who have gone to Man School are probably mildly incredulous that everyone doesn’t know about red dye diesel, but that’s the seamless beauty of being born into the male gender: You’re dropped out of the womb hardwired with the information on how to use power tools, repair combustion motors, disassemble firearms, identify military vehicles, etc. In my defense, I have never owned anything that ran on diesel so the fact that there were consumer versions with different tax rates had been heretofore unknown to me. But now I am the owner of that wonderful data point, and I am one step closer to receiving my honorary Dude Degree.

Heading away from the gas station intersection is a road called Wentworth Springs. I have waxed poetic about certain paved roads, but this one is truly — I swear — the most pristine stretch of throttle-on road I have ever ridden. We had seen very few sportbikers over the past few days, but it just so happened that a Ducati 1098 was headed down that very road ahead of us. My guess is that the rider knew of the quality of the road and he probably used it as his personal race track. Except for the few CDF fire trucks parked off the road, we (and the lone Ducati) had the long stretch of road to ourselves.

We eventually made our way to Highway 50 and took it into the Lake Tahoe Basin.

We came across a KOA and although they’re overpriced for a campground, we didn’t want a repeat of last night where we were on the hunt for hours. We needed to do laundry badly and we knew we could get it done at a KOA so we pulled in.

They were two days away from shutting down for winter and were getting the place in hibernation mode.

We figured if we were paying $40 for a camp site, perhaps our patch of dirt should at least have the flourish of a picnic table so we asked the manager if we could get one. There was a table sitting just a few camp sites over and he told us we could move it over to our spot. He didn’t offer to help so Wayne and I lugged the suprisingly heavy table over a low wall of rocks to our camp site. I think KOA stands for “Kiss Our Ass.”

The afternoon grew overcast. We were definitely getting the sense that autumn was coming.

The gloves drying above Simon framed him with sinister intent.

Today was possibly the least eventful of the trip…it must be if bitching about moving a picnic table made it into the notes.


Day 21 overview: 106 miles

  1. That red dye business kept our trackday/racing budget in control a few years back. Gas was at an all time high and living in NYC and driving to VIR, Loudon, Summit Point and Beaver was starting to add up. My racing buddy owned a small apartment building as well as an older diesel pick up. He got to write off the fuel as an operating expense and with dual tanks, got us to the track and back just about for free. The rural areas might check a farm truck for red dye fuel, but who is going to check a couple of New Yorkers??

      • piratemonkeycult
      • December 1st, 2011

      I read up a little more on this…I guess with the price of diesel up, more people are using the red dye diesel in road vehicles. Some areas are starting to crack down on this.

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