Almost to the destination.

Currently in Canyonville, OR which is a raging urban hub compared to the places we’ve been for the past week. I think the most populated place we were last at was Moab. We should make Port Orford today. Weather system allegedly moving in, but skies are blue as I type this.

This guy drew his Glock during our conversation. Details to come in full write-up.

Commuter gridlock in Oregon.

Did the loop around Crater Lake since we were there.

Simon appreciating the volcano that gave its life to make this deep blue beauty.

Stretch of road dropping down towards Tiller, OR.

Identical air filters, except one endured the American west.

  1. I love the crater ride! I did it one time on a street bike, it is amazing how much the temp changes up there and also how many bikes are whizzing around. Kind of surreal in places too.

    Is it me or has Simon gone grey since the start of the trip

      • piratemonkeycult
      • September 25th, 2011

      All three of us have gotten much grayer since the start of the trip!

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