Day 13…feels like a year.

Currently outside of Lakeview, OR at a killer RV park. RV parks don’t always let tent campers take a space, but this one did.

We never want to see northern Nevada and its filthy silt motherrutted roads ever again. Other than that, we’re enjoying this exercise in character building.

We were off course. We could see the path below so we fumbled our way down the progressively bush-filled hillside.

One particular sage brush pushed me over so I asked Wayne to get my bike off the @$#! hill while I did the Walk of Shame.

One of Wayne’s side bags got torn off by brush and then sucked up by the rear wheel.

Fortunately we carried extra webbing and cobbled together an attractive solution.

Getting out of Battle Mountain was a PITA — we kept running into fences.

This critter did not make it out of Battle Mountain and perished on one of those fences.

I pinned my foot under the bike. Couldn’t go anywhere so why not memorialize the moment?

How that moment looked from farther away. I burned a hole in the other pant leg on the header pipe. I really should learn how to ride!

Wild horses in Nevada.

This is the abandoned ranch on the other side of the water crossing that caused a huge headache for some guys on ADVrider who tried crossing in spring…

…You have to drop down a steep embankment and then shove your way through the tree branches before crossing the makeshift plywood bridge. Took us a bit of effort to get the two bikes through.

Simon taking advantage of the only shade around.

Another critter that didn’t survive the TAT. Hope we do!

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