Front rack.

The front plate is held on by rubber attachments. It can handle a moderately loaded plate bag, but Wayne likes to put tools in his plate bag so he wanted a more robust mount. And so was born the front rack:

1. The lower bracket raises the headlight as well as offers a mounting point for the the rack. Raising the headlight allows the beam to clear the fender bag.

2. The upper bracket offers another mounting point and also holds the charging outlet.

3. I bought a universal battery charger that works on a variety of lithium ion battery sizes. The charger itself will sit in the bag.

4. The rack is welded steel and spray painted in an attractive shade of black.

5. I usually keep a bottle of water, eyeglass/visor cleaning items and a few small tools in my front bag. I don’t like to stuff too much into it because I have a bad habit of riding off with it unzipped. That’s just less to lose.

6. I tuck my map bag behind the front bag so it’s easy to access.

Wayne likes to easily get to stuff so I sewed a couple of bags that attach to the sides of the racks. The heavy duty zippers were pilfered from an old motorcycle jacket that had since been turned into a materials donor.

And finally, Wayne fabricated an additional mount for his Garmin Nuvi. It will be critical in helping us locate 7-11s along our route so I can regularly purchase and ingest nature’s most perfect food: the Slurpee.

  1. Wayne has allot of gifts as do you, hopefully for your sake there will be a covenant made among many witnesses that will seal the relationship. From personal experience not perfect but very rewarding in the long run, the alternative too easily discarded.

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