Surgery is on.

It’ll happen in late October after the TAT. Next week I have to attend a two-hour class for patients getting hip replacements. I’m stoked at the prospect of making some new octogenarian friends at this get-together; there’s no better way to feel young than to surround yourself with old.

The hip socket will be made of cross-linked polyethylene, which means I’m going to be just like my CA Cycleworks Hypermotard fuel tank. I can start drinking gasoline without causing any damage to the new and improved socket. You know what Chaz would say about that?

Here’s to hoping that both DRZs don’t break down at the same time and require us to hike for miles. I currently walk like a penguin and we all know how fast those Pillsbury doughbirds can go.

I’ve created another Pirate Monkey Cult logo for those who are damaged, but refuse to give up the ride:

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