Second opinion first.

I haven’t seen the ortho who specializes in hip resurfacing yet, but I am fortunate enough to have a friend whose cycling buddy is an ortho and I got his opinion on my xray. The bottom line is that there’s no way around surgery. He believes I’m better off with a total hip replacement for several reasons, but he also recommended that I see the other ortho so I can make an informed decision.

Here’s your quickie lesson on the difference:

In a hip resurfacing (photo, right), you get a new top-half of a femoral ball and a new socket. In a total hip replacement (photo, left), the entire ball and femoral neck are replaced, along with the socket.

I’ve done a lot of reseach on both surgeries and except in obvious cases, you could take either path. I would say that the camps are divided enough that you may as well post on a moto forum “What’s the best oil to use?” From what I’ve read, I’m the best candidate for hip resurfacing while also being the worst candidate for hip resurfacing.

I can’t walk very far without some sort of ambulatory device, but the TAT is about riding and not walking so we’re going ahead with the trip as planned. I’ll get surgery as soon as we return.

  1. If your NOT to the point where pain and mobility problems are more/less chronic, daily and routinely disabling, I would avoid any surgery as long as possible. Then when surgery is more justified I would go with the most permanent, long lasting implant possible considering the possibility of both hips being done at once to get the risk, trauma, pain, and therapy over with in one experience rather then a repeat 2 years later for the other hip. However in your case I speculate your single hip problem is not age or squat related but stems from your old injury track crash that marked a new season in your life.

    I am praying for you Zina.

  2. Holy schikeees! Well my dad has a fake hip and a fake knee and he is still hitting the track and day long rides so I think you will be fine. Plus you are a tough cookie so, anyway, keep us informed….

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