Gas n oil.

After Wayne rebuilt the carb, Bito was running great. But a few hundred miles into the rebuild, it got harder and harder to start when it was warm. We were going to ride the bikes over to the hardware store to pick up a few things, but a mile into the ride a car pulled up next to me and the driver honked, pointing at the bike. I looked down and either oil or gas was spraying from the bike — turns out it was both.

The breather hose had come off the air boot and a gas/oil mix was coating the left side of the bike. I pulled into a parking lot and Wayne went to get his truck. Bito got the Ride of Shame back to the house.

After some internet research, Wayne decided to check the needle valve. Sure enough, it was showing its age (and extended period of disuse) and had been letting gas overflow from the float bowl, resulting in unsactioned fraternization with the engine oil. When I did the oil change, the thin mixture that sprayed out was both alarming (can’t be good for the bike) and relieving (finally, the source of the starting problem).

The old and new needle valve assemblies:

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