The spine compactor.

In case you didn’t know, dirtbikes are tall. If your inseam is less than 32 inches and you can’t break 125 fully geared, odds are excellent your legs will be swinging in the air when you’re on the bike — not very confidence-inspiring when a tipover is imminent. As one of those bipedal air-scrapers, I hated the situation so I changed it by putting on a lowering link and removing most of the foam from my seat. You can see from this photo how I’m left with an obscene plank:

It wouldn’t be all that uncomfortable if it were a streetbike, but with the pounding served up by dirtbikes, between my DRZ and my comparably gutted Husky, my spine has been compacted and my tailbone has been repeatedly chafed raw.

Enter a solution that has served me well for the past few years:

Yes, the ass-caressing sheepskin cover. The only problem with it is that if it rains — surely we will see foul weather over the course of 30 days? — it’ll get soaked so I’m looking for a solution that’s built in. I decided to tuck multiple layers of anti-skid pads (the thick kind) under the cover. I didn’t just stack it on top of the seat; I built out the edges of the seat so the base was a little broader and friendlier to the female pelvic girdle.

Between the aging cover and the anti-skid pad pattern showing through, the seat was looking ghetto so I pulled another cover off of an unused Moose seat (never went on right anyways). Because I have no idea if this mess is going to feel like shit or not after several hours, I didn’t want the semi-permanency of staples so I put grommets at strategic points and screwed on the cover. This will allow me to make adjustments on the trail without having to bring along a pneumatic staple gun and an air compressor.

I will report if the seat mod is a success or failure after the next shakedown trip in a couple of weeks.

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