Bags galore.

Let me preface this entry by saying that we’re packing as light as we can without having to suffer for a month on the trail. We plan to camp most nights, with the exception being when it rains. When possible, we’ll stay at campgrounds with showers so we can reduce the discomfort that comes with excessive sweating and dirt accumulation, the kind that makes you feel like a breaded and deep fried meat product at the end of the day:


Wayne opted for a medium MotoFizz bag while I stuck with a Nelson Rigg bag that I’ve been using on my street bike. We’re both using the Chase Harper 3850 Dual Sport Saddle Bags.

The saddle bags didn’t have any mounting points that would work with our rack so I sewed on straps and velcro at strategic points.

I cracked one of the plastic liners when I yanked it out of the bag. The plastic seems to be a little brittle so we picked up remnant plastic and made a reinforcement layer for the bottom of each bag.

As extra protection for the bags, Wayne made a heatshield for each bike. It’s a bonus item: If we’re desperate for a shovel we know where we can find one.

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