The racks will need to support 30 days’ worth of gear (including a Rotopax gas can), all the while withstanding constant shaking and occasional hard jarring (i.e., a crash). Wayne didn’t find anything that met our needs so he decided to make it. It first started with him disappearing into the garage for an hour or two at a time to scribble on an engineering pad. After that, he bought some tubing. Finally, it was time to go over to his friend’s house, whose Man Cave far exceeded the minimum suggested male content of a pool table and neon beer sign.

Tube cutting:

Making fishmouth joints:

Checking tubes pre-weld:

Welding top rack together:

Welding angled tubes to support top rack:

A working top rack:

The side rack pretty much came together the same way the top rack did: tubes were cut, ends were fishmouthed, and welding was done.

To make sure the side racks weren’t put on all wonky and uneven, Wayne put together a frame to assist with the placement:

Here’s the end product with the Rotopax gas can mounted:

Wayne added the crosspiece because if we* lay the bike down it’ll reduce the likelihood of one side getting bent. It also offers a good place to attach a tow strap and if you’ve never had the pleasure of towing a dirtbike on a rocky, undulating trail, worry not, because you have missed out on something very much worth missing out on.

The tube ends will be getting caps and the completed racks be powdercoated black (because black is slimming!).


* I really should use “I” instead of “we.”

I think I’ve seen Wayne down once and that was owing to wet clay, nature’s version of Crisco.

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