Simon’s border ride.

With Simon surviving the street ride, it was time to get a more accurate representation of the TAT by taking him to the dirt so we headed south to the road that runs along the border fence between US and Ol’ Mexico. Why there? Because it’s a good stretch of dirt that’s an easy ride from the house and it’s not so rough that the border patrol SUVs can’t handle them. Better than that, there was a chance we’d come across something interesting, like smugglers shoving lead-laced candies or tariff-shirking pinatas through the many holes in the fence.

I carried Simon on the street sections while Wayne carried him in the dirt. It’s been a long time since I’ve ridden the DRZ in the dirt and I had to get used to the weight of the bike again. There were plenty of roads on which to shake off the cobwebs.

When we stopped for a snack break, I thought Simon would be fairly mellow after some bouncing around. In fact, he was fairly spun up and ready for some giant stick chasing.

Ever mindful of raising my dog with a sense of social responsibility, I pointed out the Mexican houses just on the other side of the fence and how dogs that lived over there probably didn’t eat boutique dog food and get de-shedded every evening with a Furminator.

By the end of the day we had logged 180 miles of mixed pavement and dirt. Simon passed yet another TAT test.

Next up: Camping.

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