The beginning.

August 16, 2008 was the date that John-Mark, Britt, Clayton and I had selected as the departure date for a two week trip on the Trans-America Trail. We had purchased the maps and started working on the logistics of making the trip happen.

In May of that year, John-Mark, the leader of “Team Loctite” (you learn some hard lessons when you go into Mexico without it) died in a track accident at Buttonwillow. We were broken-hearted.

John-Mark had purchased one of my DRZs from me, which he rode on our Baja trip. Britt, now widowed, had to deal with all of his belongings, including several bikes. I asked Britt if I could buy the bike back — it would be my permanent reminder of all the good times with “Juan-Marco.”

Fast forward to almost three years later. Turns out that Wayne also had always wanted to do that trip so we’ve made it our goal to do it this autumn, probably mid to late September. We’re going to ride the DRZs, which should be well-suited for the trip due to their beast-of-burden reliability and non-exotic parts.

Now begins all the planning and preparation that goes into a month-long back country trip.


Thanks, Juan-Marco, for the inspiration. This trip is dedicated to you.

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